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NRA Charlotte

I went to the NRA's national meeting in Charlotte this past weekend.  Crazy awesome. 

I was lucky to meet up with so many great people whom I had only known from the electronic media.

One big surprise is how many household named firearms accessories manufacturers were really family owned businesses. Another great thing, for me, was that many of the companies on the showroom floor had booths manned by principals! I always attempt to talk to people that can write checks... those are the people that can make decisions. I was able to talk to owners and get commitments to appear on the radio programme. So often I talk to people that are just lowly Indians but the exhibitors were all chiefs!

I read firearms blogs and listen to pod-casts from great people like Alan, Breda, Caleb, Weird Beard, JayG, and many others. It, for me, was a great experience to put names and IRL faces together.

I am cleared, by the goodwyfe, to go to SHOT in January and this experience with the NRA has me wanting to go to Pittsburgh for NRA 2011.

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