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Drawing the big Mo

That day to draw the prophet Mohammad is about to end and I have yet to draw anything and post it to the blog. Two reasons...really (1) I can not draw and (2) I have a family that doesn't want to see their Daddy or Husband hacked to death by some totally rad dude that has been poisoned by a bad read:EVIL local religious leader.

Last November we trekked to the Islamic Republic of Egypt and we loved it. On one of the many train rides we took I confessed that I could live in Cairo... I would rather live in Cairo than Kansas City Missouri. Cairo is 90% Islamic and 9% Coptic Christian. I had felt no ill ease even with my PHOS & ZOE Christian cross hanging outside my shirt.

The Prophet Mohammad even signed a letter of protection to the St. Catherine's Orthodox Christian Monastery in the Sinai desert. The letter was signed with an impression from his painted hand and is sorta an Islamic relic. I have seen a copy. So our friend Mohammad wasn't all bad.

If you are involved in a club or association which rises or falls on a picture in the popular culture...You might reconsider you membership. I have been very much offended by stuff like Serrano's “artwork” but thankfully I was raised in a place and in a family which never guranteed or implied that I was safe from offense. More often than not I am the one to push people to the edge of offense and slightly over.

No one has the right not to be offended. Not in a free country. This is something that would keep me out of an Islamic country....that and no pork BBQ.

BTW Egyptian yogurt, produce, and pastries are the best I have ever had.

Thankfully history has many depictions of Prophet Mohammad. Even the Supreme Court of the United States has a depiction of the prophet.