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July 2010



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Aug. 2nd, 2008

She loves me II

After watching Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern try to eat durians on the travel channel my goodwife purchased one at an asian market. Who knew South Carolina has durian fruit.

Not nearly as repugnant as the poor fruit's reputation

Notice that the fruit was cut outside. I put some in a freezer bag and put it in the side by side. I should have put it in the chest freezer... now the refrigerator smells like vomit. Revenge of the Durian!

Jul. 25th, 2008

She loves me

The goodwyfe used some bonus money to buy me a Nikon D80!

Jun. 21st, 2008

Great Strides in Education

When you use terms like 'lockdown' and turn schools into prison palaces with id cards, audio-video surveillance, cops called resource officers, and a whole bunch of other authoritarian crap...what do you expect.

I guess the gun, badge, handcuffs, etc. created enough of a power differential to guarantee coercion.

It is bad enough when a stormtrooper is the predator but I read in one online magazine that fully 1/3 rd of teacher disciplinary actions are for sexual misconduct.
Strangely, even with my libertarian leanings, I am very pro-law enforcement but we have to get the prison mentality out of the government schools. The last thing we need is another generation of dumbed-down worker bees that are socialized to the prison environment and are content as long as the x-box still works.

Begin Press Release-----

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott announced today the arrest of Eric Allen Barber (DOB 12-1-67 of 3431 Covenant Road Apart R-1, Columbia) who has been charged with misconduct in office.

Sheriff Leon Lott stated that Barber was a deputy Sheriff from July 2006 until today when he was terminated and arrested - he was assigned to work at Dent Middle School as a school resource officer. Sheriff Leon Lott stated that Barber failed to properly and faithfully discharge his duties in that he did inappropriately hug two fourteen year old students after being trained and instructed not to touch any students.

Sheriff Leon Lott stated that school resource officers are given specific instruction (during formal training held by our department) on appropriate and inappropriate contact with children due to the deputies daily contact with children - that Barber, after receiving this formal training hugged two female students. Sheriff Leon Lott stated that in February 2008 it was reported by the school, to the Sheriff's Department that Barber was hugging students and Barber received counseling from the department on this behavior. Sheriff Leon Lott stated that after training and counseling Barber continued to hug students at which time the Sheriff terminated Barber and had him arrested.

Sheriff Leon Lott stated that all citizens need to know that if they have a concern about the conduct of a deputy they need to come forward because your concern will be looked into and appropriate action will be taken. Sheriff Leon Lott concluded by saying that no matter who you are if you break the law you will be prosecuted.

End Press Release

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Jun. 16th, 2008

Tim Russert

Tim Russert was one of my favourite television news people. I, as a rule, don’t get to watch much television but I always enjoyed Russert’s Meet the Press. I always felt like he was the professional and all the other Sunday Chat shows except the McLaughlin Group were the amateurs.

NBC is soooo left that it is hard to imagine they the broadcast company is part of GE. Tim Russert really did shine at the Peacock Network. He was definitely the one major figure at NBC that made it out of the primordial leftist rank ooze to become a fully formed person. Just compare Russert to David Gregory if you doubt.

I knew Russert was left because of the campaigns he had worked on but he always seemed reasonable. When he asked Hillary about driver’s licenses for illegals in New York State and began the end of her inevitability I knew that Russert was a total pro.

David Bloom was another NBC guy that seemed above the left-right fray and also died too soon.

I guess, in all businesses, that good people are hard to find.

Unfortunately… it seems to me that the best people at NBC have R.I.P. after their names. RIP Tim Russert and RIP David Bloom
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Jun. 12th, 2008

Thank God for the Heirloom Tomato Plant growing in my yard

Now we have a mysterious contamination of many types of tomatoes.  I hate restaurant tomatoes.  Until my second trip to NYC I had not had a ripe tomato in a restaurant.  At fast food places I scrape the mealy flavorless tomato and slimy lettuce off of the sammich.  I do love tomatoes...preferably on an over-toasted salt bagel slathered in salad dressing with all American fake cheese and crushed black pepper.  I try to have a few of these sandwiches each year.

Now the mealy tasteless tomatoes will have you over the toilet or worse punished by the medics at the emergency room.  Public health folks are telling us that there is a complex reason for the tomato poisoning but I think they are overlooking an obvious answer.

 I would argue that this is being caused by "night soil"  deposited by workers whom are largely from the third world.  Being from the 3rd world is not morally or ethically a pejorative but I think it is unrealistic to expect someone raised outside the customs of the very west to adopt hand washing/etc. even when it is dictated by an employer.

There are no porta-potties at the side of the fields.  I think these people just make do... and when they do.. there is a likelihood of cross-contamination.  I suspect many food poisonings are the result of the same fecal-mano-oral contamination...but I suffered a horrible poisoning as my wife was laboring in the hospital with our son...so much so that the nurses left her side to make sure I was okay..and I might be a little bit angry about it..That birthday dinner at a relatively upscale restaurant will not be forgotten
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Jun. 10th, 2008


I am never ready for this time of year.  Already we have had half a week's worth of 100 degree temperatures and the always goofy meteorologist and or news readers talk about the heat index being 105 degrees F when the outside is @98degrees.... talk about a misery index..

Saturday we purchased yet another Suburban and my Dad commented that we were the rare family that had two Suburbans.  Thanks to gas prices deals on XXL vehicles like the Chevy Suburban are to be had. 

The Rub:  My ancient Suburban, my daily driver, a diesel, gets 5 more MPG than the much newer, smaller, nicer, and every powered option gasoline one. 17 MPG on the highway really doesn't make sense until you take into consideration that half the time the vehicle will be transporting our household of 5 people and all the accouterments
that come with 3 children.

It does seem 110 degrees in the shade.  God bless Mr. Carrier.  Thank God for AC in SC
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Jun. 6th, 2008

Hill's got canvas burn on her face and the Brown Bomber marches on

The Anti-Climax of the Hillarybeast bowing out of the presidential race has bothered me.  A few short weeks ago I waited with baited breath for the most corrupt co-president in history to be kicked to the curb…It didn’t happen…but now it has happened and the thrill, I thought, that would be part of the Clinton third term exiting stage extreme left…isn’t there.  Maybe it was the sad pic, run on the Drudgereport, of Hilly sloshed on a campaign plane or maybe it was the Vanity Fair piece assailing the boy-President’s poor decision-making  after leaving the Casablanca.

These people are really pathetic.  They are sickened and dysfunctional.  The only thing that could make me happy now is if  there was a Clinton-and-Clinton Hangers-on news blackout.  Make everyday a Clinton free day…and a Lany Davis free day…The Republic is now a tiny bit safer.  
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Jun. 4th, 2008

Figs glorious Figs

My Grandmother recently sold her house and before the deal was done I went on a cuttings adventure.  My Grandmother had the most awesome everbearing fig trees I have ever seen.  The house I grew up in had figs but no trees were anyway close to Grandmother's. 

I made 27 cuttings, never having done this before, and it appears that half or more are taking.  I planted two turkey figs last year in the yard and even though they are @25" tall there are small figlets on both trees.  In the next few years I should have more figs than I know what to do with.

I am all for growing things at the house that are too hard to get or are too expensive to buy.  This is why I am trying the Black Brandywine Tomatoes this year.  Hopefully it will all work out. 

We have our little acre of paradise in an old suburb...now If I can just replace all the monster pines with high value fruit trees.. 
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May. 29th, 2008

Been AFK but not AFWork

It has been a few weeks (6+) since I have posted any entry to the blog.  Our lives have really been busy.  We have a new Son born on April 13th and integrating the new baby to the family is interesting.  We actually need some help.  Next week will be especially challenging since for the first time, I will have all three kids in the office at one time.  Life is challenging but everyone is happy and healthy.


I start blogging more regularly as I will need the vent space with the national elections coming up.
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Apr. 10th, 2008

Randi Rhoads

What is up with Air America Radio and Randi Rhoads?  I just read today that she bailed from AAR after being suspended for calling G. Ferrarro and HRClinton whores... I thought AAR and liberal ideals were to let everyone have their own say... right or wrong.  I guess, even though she did it at an event, not on an Air America syndicated show that the Air America peeps are soooo much in the tank for the Hillary-Hosebeast that any personality straying from the script had to be punished.

I am not a Randi Rhoads fan but I have heard her on my local AAR station in rebroadcasts... She is frequently wrong but still entertaining.  Funny how open minded liberals eat their young.

Maybe she'll get some cable TV facetime and further shame AAR.

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